On the afternoon of 18thFebruary, Chairman Huang of Southwest XX Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. led the heads of the market and business departments to visit KELESE and discuss the cooperation between two parties in 2019. Chairman- Jia Kaiming led the production director Ding Qianfeng and the Commercial Director. Wang Lei jointly received the guests.

First of all, Ding Qianfeng, the production director, introduced the six technical advantages and more than a dozen invention patents in the field of electric current tracing, as well as the practical application effects in Daqing Oilfield and Huabei Oilfield, and showed the specific values for users to obtain benefits. After that, Mr. Huang said that KELESE 's products are cost-effective and have great potential. It is worthy of promotion in the oilfield system. Mr Huang expected that the two parties can enhance cooperation and complement each other to achieve a win-win situation. Chairman- Jia Kaiming appreciated Chairman Huang for his trust and support and promised KELESE will fully cooperate with each other to jointly develop the market and further contribute more to the society and enterprises to achieve a double harvest. Then, the business personnel of both parties conducted in-depth discussions on the specific cooperation details, forming a cooperation framework agreement, and would sign a formal cooperation agreement in the near future to promote the project implementation as soon as possible.

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