In order to promote the pilot project- inductance built-in heating tracing technology for oil gathering pipeline in Daqing Oilfield, KELESE (Tianjin) decided to invest heavily in the construction of the Beijing Simulation Test Center in Beijing head office.潘玉琦教授现场指导“北京模拟试验中心建设”
On the morning of 22th August, 2018, Prof. Pan Yuqi, the company's chief consultant, visited the Beijing head office for on-site guidance and conducted in-depth and meticulous technical exchanges with the company's chief expert Wang Yongxin, project director Ding Qianfeng and business director Wang Lei. Company leaders Jia Kaiming and Rao Jun attended the meeting.
As a predecessor and senior expert in the industry, Prof. Pan fully affirmed the world's first practical significance of the built-in K-SG electric heating system for oil (gas) gathering and transportation and vividly sums up the five “most” of this technology:
1. Maximally optimizing the design of the scheme to achieve the optimal matching between the system and the pipeline network conditions;
2. The production fluid is transported from the wellhead to the gathering station, and the safety measures are optimal. If the condensation is caused by accidents such as production stoppages, weather, etc., the pipeline can be decondensed without adding any facilities;
3. The supporting facilities are the simplest and the total investment is the lowest.
4. Intelligent management, the best energy saving and consumption reduction;
5. Zero emissions, environmental protection and no pollution.


Congratulations to Xinguan New Energy Company of KELESE has become the unit of “Electro Xinjiang Technology Service Center” designated by Xinjiang Housing and Construction Department, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Boiler (Electric Heating) Industry Association and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Urban Heating Association.


On 17thAugust 2018, KELESE was awarded the medal in the "2018 Xinjiang International Heating and HVAC Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Xinjiang New Heating Technology Promotion Conference".




In order to speed up and accurately implement the poverty alleviation work in Hetian District of Xinjiang, on 2th August, 2018, Mai Timin, the secretary of Xinjiang Hetian Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Investment Group visited the Beijing head office of KELESE, and on-site visited the exhibition hall of magnetic induction heating products in the KELESE (Tianjin) Electric heating Company. Meanwhile, Mai listened to Rao Jun, general manager of KELESE to introduce product features and then made detailed inquiries for the characteristics, quality, price and after-sales of the products, and highly recognized the KELESE electric heating high-tech series products. It is expected that KELESE will make contributions to the electrification of southern Xinjiang.

Mr. He Bangxi, Chairman of the Board of Min Yin International Investment Co., Ltd, expressed his enthusiastic welcome to the visit of Mr. Mai! In order to help the Hetian area to promote the well-known local specialty "Hetian jujube", Shenzhen Morning Star Technology Co., Ltd., which is invested by Min Yin International Investment Co., Ltd, cooperated with the local government of Hetian to use the channel of the Venus e-commerce to make the "Hetian jujube" call the country, go to the world. Min Yin International Investment Co., Ltd supports the development of Xinjiang with practical actions!

On the afternoon of 18thFebruary, Chairman Huang of Southwest XX Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. led the heads of the market and business departments to visit KELESE and discuss the cooperation between two parties in 2019. Chairman- Jia Kaiming led the production director Ding Qianfeng and the Commercial Director. Wang Lei jointly received the guests.

First of all, Ding Qianfeng, the production director, introduced the six technical advantages and more than a dozen invention patents in the field of electric current tracing, as well as the practical application effects in Daqing Oilfield and Huabei Oilfield, and showed the specific values for users to obtain benefits. After that, Mr. Huang said that KELESE 's products are cost-effective and have great potential. It is worthy of promotion in the oilfield system. Mr Huang expected that the two parties can enhance cooperation and complement each other to achieve a win-win situation. Chairman- Jia Kaiming appreciated Chairman Huang for his trust and support and promised KELESE will fully cooperate with each other to jointly develop the market and further contribute more to the society and enterprises to achieve a double harvest. Then, the business personnel of both parties conducted in-depth discussions on the specific cooperation details, forming a cooperation framework agreement, and would sign a formal cooperation agreement in the near future to promote the project implementation as soon as possible.

优势互补 实现双赢优势互补 实现双赢

From 3rdSeptember to 5thSeptember, the registration audit expert Professor Zhang Sipan, Teacher Yang Yabin and Han Haichun visited the KELESE (Tianjin) Baodi factory to carry out verification and acceptance, targeting KELESE quality and safety system, environmental system and occupational health system. After 3 days’ struggle, the comprehensive review of the "three-body" work was completed, which laid a solid foundation for KELESE' full participation in the project bidding. Wang Yongxin, chief expert of KELESE, financial director- Liu Miaozhen, commercial director- Wang Lei, and project director- Ding Changfeng participated in the whole process and cooperated with the association to successfully complete this work.


In accordance with the overall arrangement of intellectual property work in Baodi District in 2018, the District Science and Technology Committee organized the 2018 Baodi District patent pilot application work. After the voluntary declaration, the recommendation of the competent department, the preliminary examination, the determination of the party group meeting and other working procedures, it intends to determine 64 units of Xuhui Hengyuan and Bonaswei as 2018 Baodi district patent pilot enterprises, which are now publicized.

The publicity period shall be 5 working days from the date of publication. During the publicity period, if there is any objection to the publicity unit, it shall submit a opinion to the Baodi District Science and Technology Committee in writing, and indicate the unit, contact person, contact address, and contact person's telephone number. Any anonymous objection shall not be accepted.

Contact person: Property Rights Section of the District Science and Technology Committee

Zhang Aijun    Meng Fanlei

82626807     Telephone: 82626807

Baodi District Science and Technology Committee

2018年8月27日  27thAugust, 2018


On the morning of 8thSeptember, Rao Jun, General Manager of KELESE, organized a pre-production safety training meeting, which put forward four requirements for the second Company Branch of Huabei Oilfield and the fourth Oil production Plant of Huabei Oilfield:
1. Highly unifying ideological understanding, correcting work attitude and enhancing the sense of responsibility.
2.Implementing safety technical measures and constantly improving risk identification ability.
3, Carrying on the technical settlement, the construction of the project is carried out in strict accordance with the technical drawings.
4. Distinguishing the work tasks, assigning responsibility to the people, specify the time nodes, completing and reporting according to the requirements of quality and quantity.

The company's chief expert Wang Yongxin, project director Ding Qianfeng, business director Wang Lei, senior engineer Liu Guoqiang and Li Jun in-depth exchanged opinions on some technical specifications and details.



On the morning of 12thOctober, Chairmen Jia led the commercial director Wang Lei and the technical director Ding Qianfeng to the scene of the autumn recruitment fair of China University of Petroleum to select the high-end talents for KELESE, and strengthen the team and added fresh blood.

At the recruitment fair, the leaders of the company seriously and meticulously introduced the development prospects, professional needs, work content, and welfare benefits to the candidates. Nearly 20 masters and recent graduates submitted their resumes, leaving contact information. The company will choose time to invite the students to visit and exchange at the company, and we will recruit the competitive students to provide a development platform for them and attract talent for the enterprise.


The "smart heating system for storage tanks" researched by KELESE professional technical team was awarded the invention patent by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China on 12thOctober, 2018.

 The application of this patented technology can effectively solve the intelligent use requirements of the storage tank heating system and fill the gap of this technology.

KELESE specializes in the implementation and innovation of electric heating technology, has developed multiple scientific and technological achievements, and obtained multiple utility model patents and invention patents. These patented technologies were the crystallization of our engineering practice and exploration. In the actual construction, these patented technologies solved the insurmountable problems before, and provided technical guarantee for improving the project quality, reducing construction cost, saving energy and increasing efficiency, and it really saved expense for oil/ Gas companies and promoted the common development and progress of the industry.

科技·成果 | 喜报频传,热烈祝贺我司又获一项发明专利!科技·成果 | 喜报频传,热烈祝贺我司又获一项发明专利!科技·成果 | 喜报频传,热烈祝贺我司又获一项发明专利!科技·成果 | 喜报频传,热烈祝贺我司又获一项发明专利!

On 10thJanuary, 2019, the general manager of the company Rao Jun, led the chief engineer Wang Yongxin, and the commercial director Wang Lei, went to the Engineering Research Institute of the Oil Production Fourth Plant of Huabei Oilfield, with the relevant technical staff of the director An, the director of the process room, and the director of the oil production department, to carry out the technical exchange in-depth. General Manager Rao and Chief Engineer Wang introduced the six major technical advantages of our company and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the customers. After that, Director An was particularly interested in energy saving and consumption reduction in the oilfield block. He discussed in detail the underground paraffin removal & control and the elimination of the "low temperature conveying" of the heating furnace, and specially arranged the director of the process room to screen the jurisdictional blocks and select them, to select the block with the highest energy consumption to work with KELESE to make a solution. It is particularly affirmed that the Quan 180 well wears the energy-saving and consumption-reducing effect of theelectric induction current tracing technology. The Director of KELESE Rao arranged technical personnel to dock with the fourth factory, waiting for the fourth factory process room to provide material.