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Pan Yuqi & Chief Adviser

Professor-level oil and gas gathering and transportation senior engineer, the first batch of Chinese engineering design masters. He has won many national and ministerial technical progress awards. He has made outstanding contributions in the aspect of full-closed gathering and transportation of crude oil and recovery of light oil. In 1986, he was approved by the State Science and Technology Commission as  “Young and middle-aged with outstanding contributions” expert. Since 1991, he has enjoyed Special Government Allowance of the State Council.

Weng Zhiliang & Chief Technology officer

He is a Bachelor of Communication Engineering and Master of Computer Application from East China University of Science and Technology. He owns more than 16 years of experience in data science, software development, product management, pre-sales consulting, involving artificial intelligence, big data analysis, ERP, middleware, etc. He has deeply insights into the application and development of artificial intelligence in industry and super ability to solve the actual problems in industrial filed by using Artificial intelligence. He worked at SAP China Research Institute, served as data scientist and product director of SME global product management department, HANA program director of CE&SP department; He had also worked anteriorly as chief technical consultant of FMW in Oracle (Oracle) Greater China, senior manager of QAD China R&D center Technical manager, software engineer and project manager of HP China R&D Center etc.

Wang Yongxin & Chief Expert

Senior engineer of oil and gas gathering and transportation, he has engaged in pipeline gathering and transportation research for 40 years. High-condensation oil gathering and transportation technology he led has saved huge amounts of money for the country and achieved great economic and social effects and further being awarded the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of China National Petroleum Corporation. He won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of Liaoning Province; the gold medal for excellent design at the ministerial level; and applying for three patents jointly with other comrades. In addition, he also hosted the design of several large-scale KTS thermo-skin effects engineering test stations in China, participated in the infrastructure constructions of many important oil pipelines and major petroleum in China. In 2007, he presided over the editing of China's oil and gas “Technical Specifications for Skin Electric Corrent Tracing of Petroleum Pipeline”. In 2016, he led and revised the updated specifications with KELESE (Tianjin). He is the famous experts and leading figures in KTS thermo-skin effect fields.

Rao Jun & General Manager

He graduated from Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology with a major in computer application. In 2001, he graduated from the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University. In 2001, he worked as the first project manager of THERMON domestic KTS thermo-skin effectsystem in the United States; the person in charge of the electric corrent tracing project of the BASF chemical plant in Yangzi; the project manager of the KTS thermo-skin effects that in charge of many long-distance pipelines projects in China. He also established the first domestic professional research and applied team that engaged in electric induction technology, skin effect technology, participated in the drafting of the PetroChina "Technical Specifications for Skin Electric Corrent Tracing of Petroleum Pipeline" standard; and worked as the initiator of several invention patents and founder of KELESE (Tianjin) Electric Heating Co., Ltd.

Ding Qianfeng & Project Director

He graduated from Nanjing Tech University, majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering. He has served as the manager of the product department of Wuxi Hongli Electric Heating Complete Equipment Co., Ltd., and the manager of the technical department of KELESE (Tianjin), being engaged in the construction and management of the long-distance pipeline skin electric corrent tracing project for 15 years, and participating in unplugging construction of natural gas pipeline in Tianjin Port, Fushun Petrochemical and PetroChina Sangji Operation Area. And he has solid theoretical foundation, rich experience in construction and site management.

Wang Lei & Director of Commerce

Graduated from Henan University of Science and Technology, majoring in electronic information science and technology, engineer, he has been engaged in electrical products professional sales for 17 years. He used to be sales engineer of Shanghai New Crown Heating Co., Ltd., regional sales manager of Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Stock Co., Ltd, sales director of KELESE (Tianjin). He acquires proficiency in the electric corrent tracing market of petroleum and petrochemical systems, and once led the team to successfully develop Huabei Oilfield, Karamay Oilfield, etc. Multiple projects. In addition, he has powerful practical experience.